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Eighteen Annual Conferences of the Association have been organized so far in various parts of the country.
  Date Venue Themes
I 1-2 January 1991 Gyanchand Institute of Social Sciences, Patna The Political Economy of Transition  from Traditional Agriculture: the Process of Regional Disparities in Indian Agriculture
II 8-10 January 1993 KakatiyaUniversity, Warangal India During the Twentieth Century: Political Economy of the Colonial and the Post Independence Period
III 9-11 April 1994 SarrayyaVillage, District Balia, UP Crises in India; Post Cold War and the Third World
IV 20-22 January 1995 CentralUniversity of Hyderabad Political Economy of Gender: The Indian Concerns
V 29-30 August 1998 M.D.University, Rohtak Natural Resource Use, Traditional Technology and Development”; 
VI 20-21 December 1999 Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur “Governance, WTO and India on the Eve of the Next Millennium”;
VII 17-19 November 2000 ST. JosephCollege, Darjeeling “India’s Development Experience”;
“Regional Autonomy”
VIII 27-29 July 2002 AndhraUniversity P.G. Centre, Srikakulam Ten Years of Structural Adjustment: State, Market and Civil Society; The International Political Economy
IX 11-12 June 2004 G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Jhusi, Allahabad Globalization, State and the Weaker Sections
X 11-12 August, 2006 MS University, Udaipur Political Economy of Disparities
XI 2-3 November, 2007 GuruNanakDevUniversity, Amritsar Re-examining development debates – Concepts, Strategies and Processes
XII 15-16 November, 2008 National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. Inclusive Development and Shifting Power Balance
XIII 6-7 November, 2009 PunjabiUniversity, Patiala The global Economic Crisis and its Impact on India; Electoral Democracy and Identity Politics; Discontent and Struggles in South Asia
XIV 10-12 December, 2010 A. N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna Political Economy of Regional Disparities in Development and Federalism; Future of Capitalism and Sustainable Alternatives; Political Ecology: Conflicts over Water, Forests, Energy, GM Food, and Climate-        Change Negotiations; Social, Political and Economic Impacts of Two Decades of Liberalization
XV 29-30 October, 2011 ChaudhuryDeviLalUniversity, Sirsa The Political Economy of Corruption; Dispossession of People – The question of land, forest, water and other natural resources; Issues in Social Development, Environmental Sustainability, Right to Food Debate, and Democracy and Dissent Discourse; Two Decades of Liberalization and Globalization: Emerging Trends in India and Elsewhere
XVI 26-27 October, 2012 Indian Institute of TechnologyRoorkee, Roorkee Radical and Reformist Approaches to Ecologically Sustainable Development; India and the Globalized World in Short-term and Long term: Political Economy Perspectives; Re-examining India's Decades with Neo-liberalism: Empirical and Theoretical  Issues; Watershed Management Programme in India: Methodological Issues, Impact Assessment and Governance; Concerns and Methodologies of Political Economy, especially in the Context of Indian Social Development
XVII 9-10 November, 2013 Central University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Jobless Growth: Livelihood, Gender, Inclusion and Citizenship Issues; Emerging Imbalances in India’s External Sector: Implications for our Sovereignty and Self-reliance and our relations with other Developing Countries; Mainstream Media, Social Networking and Society: The Changing Dynamics; Peoples’ Quest for Development Alternatives
XVIII 15-16 November, 2014 Giri Institute of Development Studies (GIDS), Lucknow State, Market, Industry and Globalization; Rural Society and Agrarian Change; Participatory Democracy and Governance; Gender, Culture and Power; Development, Displacement and Violence; Uttar Pradesh: Society, Economy and Politics
XIX 4-5 December, 2015 Goa University, Goa
Revisiting the Indian Political Economy narrative: Theory and Practice – Between Niti and Yojana: Challenges of Policy Planning in New India – 'Make in India' Campaign: Issues and Possibilities – (Mis) Appropriation of Natural Resources: The Question of Land, Minerals, Water and Forests – Rural-Urban Migration in India and Emerging Challenges of Work, Habitat and Policy – Cultural and Economic Agenda of Hindu Nationalism – Global Capitalism and Its Crises – Political Economy of Goa: Environment, Development and Change
XX 4-6 November, 2016 Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar Livelihood and citizenship crises in the Third World; Developments in the theories of Political Economy; Labour and peasant movements in India.
XXI 8-9 December, 2017 Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Inclusive and sustainable Development: Theoretical & Empirical Perspectives.
The Association jointly with the National Committee for Celebration of Birth Centenary of Prof. D. R. Gadgil organized a National Seminar on “Costs and Distribution Benefits of Planning in India: A Review and Search for Alternatives”, at GarhBasai, Alwar, Rajasthan in February 2005.
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