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         The Association has been very active in bringing out publications relating to contemporary socio-economic issues. A very important activity of the Association has been publication of Alternative Economic Survey (AES) annually since 1992. The AES looks at the entire Indian economic structure policy wise and sector wise to present a critical appraisal from the people’s perspective. The latest issue, 18th in the series, entitled “Neo-liberal Economic Policies: ‘Gods’ that failed”, was published in June 2013.

         The Association has also published Conference Proceedings of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th annual IPEA conferences. The Association has also brought out from time to time edited books on contemporary national and global issues. Five volumes in Hindi on the lines of AES have also been published. The publication details are as follows:

Title of the Book  Year of Publication  Name of the Publisher 
Crisis in India  1995 Khama Publishers, New Delhi 
Political Economy of WTO Regime  2002 Rainbow Publishers, Noida 
Bhartiya Arthvyavastha  2004 Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi 
From Statism to Neo-liberalism – The Development Process in India  2009 Daanish Books, New Delhi 
The Global Economic Crisis – A People’s Perspective: Fiasco of Neo-liberalism  2009 Daanish Books, New Delhi 
Vaikalpik Arthik Varshiki, Bharat 2008-09  2009 Daanish Books, New Delhi 
Vaikalpik Arthik Varshiki, Bharat 2009-10  2010 Daanish Books, New Delhi 
Recent Development Debates: Economic Crisis and Identity Politics  2011 Punjabi University, Patiala 
Bharat Mein Arthik Vriddhi Aivam Vikas: Gahrate Antarvirodh 1991-2011  2011 Yuva Samvad Prakashan, New Delhi 
Vaikalpik Arthik Varshiki, 2013 (Nav-udarvadi Neetiyan: Nakamee aur Duragrah)  2013 Yuva Samvad Prakashan, New Delhi 
Emerging Issues in the Political Economy of Development  2014 Nirmal Publishing House, Kurukshetra 
Peoples’ Agenda 2014  2014 Published in MAINTSREAM (April 12, 2014) 
State and Capitalist Development in India: A Political Economy perspective  2016 Aakar Books, Delhi. 
Plutocracy, Cronyism & Populism: Facets of Neoliberalism in India  2017 Vitasta, New Delhi. 
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